"Should you be prepping your war chest now? Is Winter coming after the recent rally?"

No, I don't think so. At least, not yet.

For beginners to finance and investment - a war chest is a sum of cash set aside for the specific purpose of taking advantage of opportunities. For example, buying stocks on the cheap when prices suddenly plunge.

The STI has been on steroids during the last week - it shot back up to 2800+ amidst a slight rise in oil prices and a rally in the Wall Street markets. A month ago, the idea that the STI would hit 3000 any time soon was a pipe dream, but the STI has been smashing through resistances so quickly that it actually might come to pass.

I don't think the rally is over just yet. I think it'll continue for a little longer at least. So far, all my stock picks are in the green, but I'll be watching the market as close as I can. Some of the stocks that I had in mind are currently too overpriced for me to pick up, so my war chest is still collecting dust.

I'm considering taking profit on KeppelCorp and waiting for the price to fall a little before picking it up again. I am still of the opinion that KeppelCorp stock is very undervalued, and can be picked up at a discount. The only question is how much of a discount it will be.

So, what counters am I waiting to pick up? ST Engineering and Singpost, to name a couple. I've had my eye on Singpost for a while, but I haven't done much in-depth research yet. I still carry the same opinion on ST Engineering from my last post.


Speaking of Winter coming, Game of Thrones' sixth season comes out this April. 

Thanks for reading, everyone.

Until the next time.


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