Me, My Portfolio, And...A Portfolio Update (End May)

Okay, so I think it's high time I did a portfolio update. I just thought I'd use the time to explain the different facets of my portfolio as well.

I know I haven't been very active on here lately, but I have a really good reason - if you guys haven't caught Black Sails yet, you guys need to start watching. An R-rated Pirates of the Carribean-meets-Game of Thrones prequel to Treasure Island. Can't go wrong, honestly. But I digress.

I wanted to start afresh with my portfolio - I sold everything I had last year, and I began picking up stocks at the start of 2016, in the midst of the crash. Growth investing and dividend yield are the cornerstones of my portfolio - as of right now, my portfolio totals roughly 33k SGD in investments, with half in blue chips for dividends, and the other half focused on capital gain.

* All "Current Prices" are closing prices as at 5pm on 27 May (Friday).

Total Capital = 33,816.00 SGD

Dividend Stocks

I'm not too concerned with capital gain here (I'm not complaining, though), but I managed to pick these shares up at what I thought was a discount.

This is the "defensive" section of my portfolio - the ones that I don't touch, and that I don't tend to sell off unless something drastic happens. They're more stable, and as a result, carry less risk.

SPH has already provided a small dividend of $0.07 per share. So has ST Engineering, at $0.05 per share.

Growth Stocks

This makes up the "offensive" segment of my portfolio. This is the anxiety-causer, the one that makes you hate the time you spend waiting for news, the one that makes you wish it were Monday again (gasp) just so you could see if your hunch was right. Growth investing involves putting money into a stock that you believe has the potential to grow in terms of capital. I know I'm heavily sunk into SinoGrandness, but I'm pretty sold on the company. Decent fundamentals, a tiny dividend, and (hopefully) an IPO for its subsidiary in either June or July this year.

I managed to pick some more up at 0.63 earlier this week. A few days later, the price kissed 0.70 and has hovered around that area since. All this, right after the Thais set up a loan in which they are able to convert the outstanding loan amount to shares at a massive discount, and after stock options are granted to senior members of the company to purchase shares at dirt-cheap prices? I'm hoping this points to trust in the company (and the IPO), if nothing else.

That's it for the portfolio update. Thanks for reading, guys.

And really, check out Black Sails (only if you're over 18, though).

Until next time.



  1. It's good to have both dividend and growth stocks in your portfolio. Looking forward to more updates as it grows!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation on Black Sails. Will be checking it out! :)

    1. Hahaha! If you like Game of Thrones, you'll love that.


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