To do list - Singtel, SPH, Peaky Blinders & Pokemon GO

There are a few things I'd like to get done during the week.

This is typically what I do with certain blue-chip stocks - I try to get them cheap, wait for one dividend payout, then hope the price rises enough for me to get some capital gain. I sell them off, and since my stocks usually pay dividends bi-annually, there's a decent amount of time for me to wait before picking them back up again.

See you guys again soon.

The market dipped at the beginning of the year - I managed to pick up SPH and Singtel close to their lowest prices in 2016. I've collected dividends from both, and with market volatility the way it is, I've decided to sell them off, re-examine the market, and plant my cash somewhere else. On Tuesday, Singtel and SPH closed at 4.15 and 3.96, respectively. By selling them now, I hope to realize a capital gain of roughly $1,400 SGD.

Alternatively, instead of re-investing right away, I could wait for the rally to die down before picking anything up.

I've decided to leave my ST Engineering and Sino Grandness stocks as they are for the moment. Their prices are currently too low for me to consider selling the any of them off.


I've managed to sell 1000 shares of Singtel at 4.19, and 2000 shares of SPH at 3.96. After charges, managed to realize a profit of 1360 SGD. Not too bad.


In the meantime, dear reader, I have a couple of recommendations in the vein of entertainment, if you're willing to take them. Peaky Blinders is another TV series that I've been following. I've just come off Black Sails and Game of Thrones, and Peaky Blinders has caught my attention. It is a post-WW1 telling of a gang in Birmingham, with betrayal, gambling, weapons, corruption and family ties being the main focal points. 

Pokemon GO has released overseas, apparently, but we can't play it in Singapore just yet due to a region-lock. I believe the people who managed to get in before the lock have already set up gyms in MRT stations, churches, and temples. Well, can't wait to try it out.

Until next time.


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