Silverlake Axis: A Brief Interlude

I'd originally planned to get this post up a lot sooner than I did (especially since I have a preference for posting as soon as possible after a trade), but work, Pokemon Go, and Overwatch have been keeping me well occupied.

It's been a while since I parked some cash in Silverlake Axis (5CP) at 0.575, with short-term trading in mind while other opportunities presented themselves.

A couple of days ago, with the price reaching a recent high of 0.625, I decided to take profit at 0.62 (resulting in a 7-8% return) and adopt a wait-and-see approach. I missed such an opportunity on the 18th of July, and although my short-term target price of 0.635 wasn't achieved, I thought it would be safer to take profit first, and wait to see what happens next. Congratulations to the guys who made a bit of coin out of this.

I have two views of the future:

I could either

1) buy into Silverlake once more when the price drops below 0.57 and look for more short-term potential. There was a brief period of time when Silverlake's price crossed 0.60 before it fell back down to the mid-50s after the 18th of July. If history repeats itself, this might present a brief opportunity for trading, especially if Management keeps buying back their own stocks; or

2) park my cash in a fresh opportunity if one does present itself. I am presently keeping my eye on Singtel, SPH, DBS and OCBC, to name a few - I am currently looking for blue-chip stocks to re-construct my portfolio.

Until next time.



  1. What is your point in stating those two options you have?

    1. Hey man, thanks for dropping by and reading! The purpose of this blog is to document my financial journey and thoughts - the 2 options listed are simply me penning thoughts down regarding plans for the future, where I either buy the stock back at a lower price or I put my money elsewhere


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