About Me

Well, what is there to say?

First off - thank you very much for stopping by! I really appreciate it. I hope to see this little blog of mine grow. I started this blog in February 2016, and if I could inspire just one person to move towards financial independence, then it would all be worth it.

I've wanted to start a finance/investment blog for years, but I just never got around to it. I finally decided to get off my ass and make one.

A little background about me - I majored in Business Admin in university, along with a Minor in Finance. I joined the workforce when I was 24 (in 2015), and I was fortunate enough to get a full-time job in the banking industry (Forex, to be exact) after doing a couple of temp jobs around the island.

My interest in stocks started when I was in the army. Towards the end of National Service, I had some days where I had a lot of free time. The idea of spending the whole day sleeping didn't sound so bad to me, but I thought I could put my time to better use. The first ever investment I made was into SPH - I remember picking up 1000 shares at $3.84. It was a crapload of money for a Corporal, and with the stock purchase came the risk-induced anxiety.

What if... 

But what happens if...

But what if I do...

I collected my first dividends that year. Following that, a couple of days later, I sold SPH for a small capital gain. From that point on, I was hooked. I began pouring more of my pay into my portfolio.

I have made some losses along the way, of course - I don't regret them in the least. They taught me painful lessons, lessons that I told myself never to forget.

I've collected tons of theories, stories, dreams, aspirations, tips, and horror stories regarding finance and the finance industry throughout the years. I may be young, but I'm willing to share what I have.

I hope you guys enjoy my write-ups. Tell your friends!



  1. looks like you will reach your goal quite soon

    1. One can only hope! Thanks for stopping by, man!


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